Monday, 17 July 2017

Investment Review - June 2017

Here's the spreadsheet for the combined portfolio as updated on Friday 30 June :-

Click on it for a larger image ...

Share / Fund Purchases in the Period

Share / Fund Sales in the Period

Passive Income Index
The index at the half-year stage stands at 144.9, i.e. I'm still not halfway to the total passive income I received in 2016 ... 

So it now seems highly unlikely that my target of 300 by the year end is going to be achieved and even 200, which would represent the same amount of passive income as last year, may be out of reach.

There was very little activity at all during this second quarter of 2017.  No new money was added to the pot in the period.    

New valuation highs were reached in both April and May but then June saw a slight fall in the total pot value, the first time that's happened since last November.

However, there was still net quarterly growth over the March 2017 valuation, so onwards and upwards, hopefully ...

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