Friday, 6 January 2017

Six weeks in the Canary Islands !

We've just arrived in the Canary Islands, where we'll spend the next six weeks in an apartment hotel.

Now that we don't have animals to worry about back home, we're again free to spend extended periods on our travels.   We're no strangers to being away, I've worked in expat roles and on projects in foreign locations where we've been away for years at a stretch.

The Canaries are really the only place where there's decent weather all year round, but also easily accessible from local airports - other warmer places in the world require long flights and only tend to operate from just a few very large airports.

The costs for the trip are reasonable enough, it's mainly the flights & accommodation and for hire of local transportation when we want to explore further afield.  We're bang in the middle of a town but only a hundred metres from the sea, so we can walk everywhere locally.  

The food costs are similar to those if we were back home, the beer and wine are much cheaper, and there's no doubt we'll save a significant amount of money on heating oil during our absence.

We've a free internet connection here too, so I can continue to work as required although video streaming seems to be out of the question. 

I suppose this is a holiday of sorts, but mainly just an opportunity to get away from the miserable damp and cold weather we can expect in the UK throughout January and February.   The sun's shining here and it's 22 degrees outside - what's not to like ?

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