Sunday, 5 July 2015

Investment Review - June 2015

Here's an update of the combined portfolio as of the penultimate day of June (we were away on the thirtieth and I knew there'd be no opportunity to refresh the spreadsheets).

Stock / Fund Sales in the Period

Stock / Fund Purchases in the Period
In April, I subscribed to the IPO for the Woodford Patient Capital Investment Trust.  I'd originally signed up for twice as many shares, but then cut it by half when they later changed the rules of the flotation to allow up to £800m to be raised instead of the £500m maximum stated in the original prospectus.  

In May, I bought into the Vanguard Lifestrategy 20% Accumulation fund, at a unit cost of £131.18.

In June, I bought back into Rio Tinto at £27.23 per share gross.

In addition, I decided to subscribe to my ISA on a monthly basis this year, and so I've added 1/12 of the annual allowance to the pot in each of the months of April, May and June...

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