Monday, 1 December 2014

Investment Review - November 2014

I'm considering posting updates of my investment pot progress on a more regular basis, maybe even at the end of each month if I can find the time and energy...

In theory at least, it shouldn't be too much of an effort.  On the last working day of each month, I usually log the portfolio component valuations based on bid prices refreshed at some time when the London market is open.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes over the next few months.

With each update, I'll also include the preceding post's dataset alongside, for comparison.  Therefore, in the first of such posts in this format, the right-hand columns in the Table below are those from this previous post.  

Ranking each individual component as a percentage of the total pot value could turn out to be a useful metric.   

If a stock price falls well below its purchase price, then only seeing very large numbers in bright red and prefixed with pound signs can be very disturbing.  However, if you can also see each component's individual contribution to the overall picture then it helps to put even substantial price falls into perspective.  And hopefully, such price falls will only be temporary...

In the Table, the 'ranking' column simply numbers the component weighting in descending order, i.e. exactly the same way the data has been sorted, and therefore will always be consecutively numbered from 1 downwards for the current month.  

The 'movement' is the change in each component ranking and will be either up, down or static when compared to the previous review.  In the previous month's dataset, I've also included the ranking at that time to more easily identify what's changed.
The actual value of the current dataset underlying the 100% total will of course be different to that of any previous tabulation, since valuations will have changed and/or I'll have either added or withdrawn cash during the period, i.e. the two 100%s represent different sums at particular points in time.  

Therefore, to track the overall progress, I've now included a below-the-line entry with the current portfolio growth expressed as a percentage of the end-of-March 2013 baseline from 'the grand plan'.

Stock / Fund Purchases in the Period

Stock / Fund Sales in the Period

From this latest Table, it can be seen there was progress in the period, because of additional bonds and cash added to the pot plus the general market recovery since the correction that occurred in mid-October.  

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