Sunday, 6 April 2014

Teaching kids about finance.....

I see from the MSM that teaching kids about '...personal finance...' will become part of the UK National Curriculum from September this year.

No doubt a laudable objective, but has anyone seen how this will actually be done in practice, by whom, and what specific subjects are to be covered in the curriculum ?  God forbid that sharks from the major banks are allowed to be visiting lecturers....

I'm really looking forward to the day 10 or 15 years hence when someone sues the State because their teacher happened to mention to an eight-year old that he/she has an account, investment fund or holds shares in any particular company, which then goes tits-up soon after the first students from this new regime manage to get enough money together to invest in it.

Watch this space....


  1. Hi, just came across your blog from the ermine in Suffolk, and have spent the weekend reading most of it - keep up the good writing!

    Teaching personal finance is something I intended to do for my son, so as you say it'll be interesting to see how this new policy plays out. Personally I'll be teaching him to spend his money income generating assets and not tying himself to mortgages and other such stuff too early in his life - a bit like the common mantra on most of the PF blogs around.

    Only wish I'd done the same........!!!

  2. Hi. Thanks for reading and for the kind comment. The Ermine has a fine new post today about the perils of mortgages at an early age....

  3. Hello, I'm the same as new2chooks and been catching up on your posts this weekend, it's been great reading! I'm all for finance being taught in schools but perhaps at a later age, eg late teens, when the kids are likely to be earning money from weekend jobs etc. In fact, I myself could have done with a refresher course when I was in my late 20s instead of drumming up debts that I was still trying to pay off in my late 30s!

  4. Hi. Many thanks for stopping by and my apologies for the delayed response ! It's been a bit hectic on the work front this month, but hopefully I've broken the back of it now...