Thursday, 6 October 2016

Investment Review - September 2016 ( the ton up, in more ways than one ! )

Here's the combined portfolio summary data as at the end of September :-

Stock / Fund Purchases in the Period

Stock / Fund Sales in the Period
I had a bit of a clear-out during the recent market highs, cutting away some of the low-value deadwood and also taking a few profits, the most significant transactions being the sale of all my remaining Blackrock World Mining Trust holding at 315p net, and getting out of my Deutsche-Bank Russian ETF at 1,592p net, although I actually took a small hit on this one.

So I'm sitting on a large-ish pile of cash at the moment, the cash component of the pot being at an all time-high.  I'm in no hurry to get back into new stocks or funds at current valuations, so I'll just watch from the sidelines for the present.   I still have enough skin in the game to benefit further if the markets should continue to rise, but I feel more comfortable having taken some money off the table.

The pot value has continued to soar over the past quarter, making new highs in July, August and September.   This represents eight consecutive months of gains - the previous best run of straight monthly gains was only four, which I think is reason enough to be more cautious in the near term.

The post title alludes to reaching the 100% increase over my March 2013 baseline valuation, i.e. I more than doubled the size of the pot in the 41 months to end August 2016. 

And this is also the 101st published post on the blog....

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